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Subdivision Perth

Subdivision Process

​Zenith Surveys provide professional surveying services for subdivisions throughout the Perth greater region. Offering advice and consultation throughout the project, Zenith can provide services from surveys to full project management. 

​All subdivision applications made to the WAPC must include a plan of subdivision which has been prepared in accordance with the WAPC's guidelines. Zenith's Perth Surveyors can complete the initial site survey, provide advice on how best to subdivide the land, prepare the subdivision plans and lodge subdivision applications with the WAPC on your behalf to get the Land Subdivision process started.

The Subdivision Process

  • What is a Land Surveyor?
    Land Surveyors have a very important role in the construction and engineering world. Without land surveyors, quite simply nothing could be constructed or built accurately from roads to buildings to bridges. Land Surveying is a very misunderstood profession by those who do not understand exactly what it is. Generally, to ascend to a highly paid position in any type of land surveying, you would require a minimum of a degree from a university but, in Australia you can still become a highly paid and be a highly skilled individual with only a diploma. The biggest part of surveying is mathematics and having a strong understanding of spatial awareness in both 2d and 3d. The level of mathematics required to be a university qualified land surveyor is far greater than that of your typical civil engineer. A qualified land surveyor with experience across different types of land surveying will be required to be able to deal with all types of engineers, builders, town planners etc. What makes a land surveyor special is that the surveyor will understand everyone else’s disciplines e.g. engineers plans or Architects drawings, but none of those disciplines will understand what the surveyor does or how we do it. Land surveying is a challenging and complicated science. It comes with high risk for the surveyor and everything hinges on the surveyor’s decisions working in the field. So, the next time you see your local land surveyor with his tripod set up on the side of a road, take time to appreciate everything they do. They make sure your roads and bridges are built to specification and that your boundaries and houses can be established in their right position. They make sure your subdivisions go through council allowing you to extend your wealth. Call your local Perth Surveyor today and get the best advice on your property requirements.
  • Green Title Subdivision Perth
    A Green Title property (also known as freehold) refers to land that generally has no common areas that need to be shared. This means you own the title of the land on which your home stands. Most stand-alone homes in Western Australia would be on green title, so your average house on a suburban street is likely to be green title. Green Title Subdivision Lots can typically have a higher value particularly if they are side by side with their own street frontage and having their own independant service connections. Doing a Green Title is not always the best approach to subdivision even though people think it is. Sometimes Survey Strata Subdivision is a cheaper and easier way to subdivide your land as you do not have to meet the same requirements.
  • Battle Axe Subdivision Perth
    Survey Strata Subdivisions are often used in developments where lots are side by side on a corner or rear lot Battle Axe style blocks. This involves an existing green title lot being surveyed into smaller subdivided lots with distinct boundaries. Services such as sewer, power and water are often shared on survey strata, whereas a green title lot is completely independent with no common ownership. Survey Strata developments can have a common driveway and sometimes owners in the survey scheme contribute towards insurance and maintenance of common property that has a separate lot number. Survey Strata Subdivision is typically a cheaper way of subdividing than Green Title Subdivision. Read more about green title subdivision!
  • Contour Survey Perth
    A contour survey is a survey of the land in its existing condition. There are a few names for this survey depending on who you consult with; feature survey / contour and feature survey / site survey / topographic survey are a few of these other names. A contour survey is required for a variety of things and is the most common land survey to be undertaken within the construction industry in Western Australia. So when would you typically require a contour survey / feature survey or site survey; 1. Extension to your home for building design and council requirements. 2. New retaining wall designs for limestone retained walls usually. 3. Swimming pool installation. 4. Subdivision applications 5. New boundary walls (not required in all instances) For more information on contour surveys / feature surveys or site surveys Read more...
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