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Survey Services

Surveying Services

Zenith Surveyors Perth provide prompt and accurate residential property surveys to cater for clients who are planning anything from small extensions through to larger subdivision developments. Whether it's a feature and contour survey or subdivision you require, we have the experience and local knowledge to get the job done.

Residential Surveys

Contour and Feature Surveys


Boundary Surveys


-  Building Set Out


Land Subdivisions


Architect Survey


-  Engineering Surveys


Types of Subdivision


-  Lease Area Surveys

Subdivision Services

Side by Side Subdivision


Battle-Axe Subdivision


Corner Block Subdivision


-  Unit Development


-  Amalgamation of Land


Subdivision Applications WAPC


-  Dealing with Local Authorities


-  Project Management

Land Surveyors

Experienced Land Surveyors provide surveying services and consultation required for all survey needs and land Subdivision Developments in Perth. 


We also deal with all local and government authorities who set strict conditions for subdivision development applications.


Call today to see how our Land Surveyors service can provide you with the help you need to see your project through to completion.

Our land surveyors can handle everything on your behalf and guide you through the process so you can gain experience for future projects. Whether you are a land or home owner, builder or developer - call today and speak to our surveyors for an obligation free consultation.

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