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The Subdivision


So whats your next step?

​STEP 1 - Consult with Surveyor

The first thing required when applying to subdivide your property is a site survey (Contour & Feature Survey). A surveyor will attend your property and pick up everything currently on your lot. This may include, but not limited to the house footprint, fences, services, footpaths, retaining walls, cross over, driveway, etc.

Once the surveyor has completed the survey, the results will be used to prepare the plan that will be used to lodge at Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) as part of the application process. On this plan, the surveyor will show the existing and proposed boundaries. Accompanying the Plan of Subdivision is the application form (Form 1A).

Once you have reviewed the plan and completed and signed the Form 1A, they will be lodged at WAPC with the application fee. WAPC will then consider the merits of the application and make a decision on whether to approve or refuse your application over the next 90 days.

STEP 2 - Subdivision 

Following WAPC giving approval for the subdivision, a Conditional Approval letter will be forwarded to the surveyor. This Conditional Approval sets out and details the conditions that are required to be completed before final approval can be given.

Some examples of typical conditions of subdivision are fencing the new lot, clearing all structures on the new lot, providing a new crossover to the new lot, providing water, sewer and a power connection to the new lot. The surveyor will go through these conditions with you and ensure you understand what is required and give help where needed.

Essential applications will be completed by the surveyor also. These include the application for a new dome (power connection) from Western Power, application for the provision of water and sewer from Water Corporation.


Please Note it is not the job of the surveyor to source trades-persons for works required, but if requested, the surveyor can source quotes from qualified trades-persons that he has a working relationship with.

Once any demolition work and the site has been leveled, the surveyor will mark the boundaries of the new lots. From these marks placed, a Survey Strata Plan or Deposited Plan will be prepared. This is the plan that will become the new legal plan associated with the lots and the new Certificates of Title.

A Form 3 Unit Entitlement will then be requested from a Licensed Valuer. This document is a legal document and is required to be lodged at Landgate as part of the lodgement documentation. (This will not be required for Green title Subdivision).

STEP 3 - Final Clearances

When all works required to satisfy the conditions of subdivision have been completed, the surveyor will prepare and lodge the applications for clearance from the relevant authorities, such as Western Power, Water Corporation, Local Government, Department of Environment, Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Note that with Survey Strata Subdivisions, there is not a requirement for a new sewer to be designed and constructed, rather only an extension from the existing sewer into the new lot unlike green title which requires a new sewer junction to both lots.

Following successfully securing all clearances, the surveyor will lodge the Deposited Plan at Landgate and the final application (Form 1C) at WAPC along with the fees associated with both lodgements.

After the plan has passed through audit at Landgate, the plan will be sent to WAPC by Landgate for the plan to be checked against the conditions and clearances and then returned to Landgate to be endorsed “In Order For Dealings” and a letter will also be issued from WAPC confirming that the subdivision has been completed.


STEP 4 - Apply for Titles

At this point, you or your settlement agent can apply for the new Certificates of Title for each new lot.

This is the end of the subdivision process and when you will begin being rated by the local council for the new number of lots created.


Note: For Survey Strata Subdivisions, at least 8-12 months is required on average before the subdivision process is complete and 6-8 months for Green Title.

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