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Zenith Surveying has made this material available on the understanding that users exercise their own skill and care with respect to its use.

Users should carefully evaluate any information obtained from a third party and ascertain the accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information for their purposes. Appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances should be obtained before taking any action.

Subdivision Forms and Costs (Fees)

WAPC Western Australian Planning Commission Forms and Fees


IntraMaps Public is a web-based information portal that can provide spatial and business data to the general public. Residents can access interactive maps from their council's website for details about services and facilities, planning and zoning information, and to explore local topographical information.

Land Surveyors Perth  | Land Surveys Perth  | Land Surveyor Perth

1. Click the IntraMaps icon

2. Select your Locality in Quicklinks (right side)

3. Enter Address (bottom)

4. Zoning appears (top right) e.g. R20/R40

Local Authority links

WAPC Western Australian Planning Commission (08) 6551 9000


Water Corporation  (08) 9420 2420


Western Power (13 10 87)


Council of Bassendean.


Bayswater, City of Bayswater Council.


Belmont, City of Belmont Council


Cambridge, Town of Cambridge council.


Canning, City of Canning council.


Claremont, Town of Claremont council.


Cockburn, City of Cockburn council.


Cottesloe, Town of Cottesloe council.


East Fremantle, Town of East Fremantle Council.


East Metropolitan Regional Council Council for the East

Metro Region.


Fremantle, City of Fremantle Council.


Gosnells, City of Gosnells Council.


Joondalup, City of Joondalup City Council.


Kalamunda, Shire of Kalamunda Shire Council.


Kwinana, Town of Kwinana Council.


Mandurah, City of Mandurah Council.


Melville, City of Melville City Council.


Mosman Park, Town of Mosman Park Council.


Nedlands, City of Nedlands City Council.


Peppermint Grove, Shire of Peppermint Grove Council.


Perth, City of Perth City Council.


Rockingham, City of Rockingham City Council.


Serpentine - Jarrahdale, Shire of Serpentine -

Jarrahdale Shire Council.


South Metropolitan Regional Council South

Metro Regional Council.


South Perth, City of South Perth City Council.


Stirling, City of Stirling City Council.


Subiaco, City of Subiaco Council.


Swan, City of Swan City Council.


Victoria Park, Town of Victorial Park Council.


Vincent, Town ofTown of Vincent Council.


Wanneroo, City of Wanneroo Council.

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